altMulticard Ltd. has been manufacturing and personalizing plastic cards since 1989. The company is owned by a Hungarian firm in a 100 per cent.

The owner of Multicard Ltd altis the,  which is a developer and one of the main supplier of security documents.

The building complies with the regulations of Visa and MasterCard and has all the necessary external and internal security elements such as access control, fire protection system and devices as well as a complete high security technology for card production.

Multicard has had the Europay/MasterCard Certificate of personalisation and manufacturing of bank cards and plastic card since 1997. Multicard was provided the same certificate by Visa in 1998. The processes are checked by Visa and MasterCard on an annual basis. We co-operate with all the banks in Hungary in the field of card manufacturing and personalisation. We can provide our cards with magnetic stripe, signature panel, bar code, hologram, UV-, security- printing, special security signature panel with a code underneath, scratch, micro-border considering security and chip technology with personalisation. The card personalisation can be done by the following techniques: embossing, indent, thermo transfer and laser printing.
Visa and MasterCard annually check the processes and tools of techniques, manufacturing, controlling, storage, distruction. Special attention was paid to access control, accounting, storage, release control, the process of card destruction in a closed system and the security of the building. Movement inside and outside the building is controlled and monitored. Loading takes place in a loading area equipped with a double-gate system.

Multicard provides full comprehensive services from designing to card production and personalisation of cards, bank cards and EMV cards. We has improved our services with mailing and posting cards.

Since 2005 we have the MasterCard licence of chip card manufacturing and personalisation. We also have the Visa licence of chip card manufacturing and personalization.

Our whole production, service, data and keymanagement procedures were audited by MasterCard in 2005. In the same year we succeed the authority  of PIN services such as personalization. Our Personalization Department was improved and separated in 2005 in order to it is a high security area to reach the great rate of security requirements. Multicard personalise plastic cards with three DataCard 9000.